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Head to Head: G's Bakeshop & Cafe

By Sarah Jacotine
Jul 15, 2016

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What makes G’s special in comparison to its competitors in the market?

Hashita Sahni: G’s changes its menu every fortnight since most customers dine with us every day. We make it our responsibility to ensure they are not bored and our chefs are continuously working on different recipes.

How do the front-of-house and back-of-house support each other?

Hashita Sahni: Clear communication creates a balance of support. A weekly meeting is held to update FOH staff on new menu additions and all the staff taste these, which helps in selling with confidence. We encourage FOH to share customer feedback, so BOH staff can make changes if required.

How is the pricing strategy justified?

Hashita Sahni: Many of our core ingredients are made in-house and, although we use European ingredients to create all of our products, we are able to maintain a food cost lower than market price, so we offer great value for money.

How will you ensure the outlet is profitable?

Hashita Sahni: We place the utmost importance to customer service. We know that happy employees provide a happy service, and a happy service makes for happy customers, so we try and get this equation right. We also believe good word gets around and so far it seems to be working for us.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Hashita Sahni: Being a homegrown brand, sometimes customers can take a while to start believing in you, so we go that extra mile to demonstrate our quality products and service. This helps bring out the best in us each day.

What does the future of the brand look like?

Hashita Sahni: We have a lot coming up for G’s. We recently opened our second outlet in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) and we’re already in talks for our next location. We have a great concept and we want to take it all over Dubai.